Of course, to all the programmers out there, this is standard stuff; ‘Hello World’ has been in existence since at least 1974 when Brian Kernighan used it for an internal memorandum when he worked for Bell Laboratories, and programmers have used it ever since as a sanity test, for, say, checking out whether the latest new cool compiler works, or for testing out some new process.

The stuff about Mr Kernighan is lifted from the ubiquitous Wikipedia, by the way.

But here we are in 2010. I now have a blog-site, of sorts, and I have nothing to say; but, of course, I should say something. Someone, somewhere has gone to an awful lot of time and effort to create sites, just like this one, and I cannot just leave it be. I must say something. The intention is clear, I must add. I will try to use this site to put down my thoughts as they appear in some god-awful random fashion (as these things do) I will probably treat this as a record of the irreversible change of belief and thought of the human being I call ‘me’ Some of this stuff will no doubt be controversial, perhaps boring: even,  and I shudder to type it – interesting.

Alas, I cannot foresee such things, as I cannot be the judge of myself. There is an odd overture to such an idea; it is a conflict of interest. I must necessarily, and therefore, hand over such judgements to other human beings – ie you lot. Whilst I appreciate that you might take a few seconds or even minutes of your precious life reading this drivel, I want you to know that at least I am grateful that a real human being has taken a modicum of interest in the nonsense that my brain is capable of vomiting out.

And, now, I can procrastinate no more. It is time to utter those totally forgettable words …

So, hello, world.


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